Jake Barnes Team Roping Clinic 2014

Another Living Legend holds a clinic at the Mustang Pavilion

     7 X World Champion Team Roper Jake Barnes along with his partner Junior Nogueira, fresh off of their final four finish in the recently televised “American” rodeo, stopped by the Mustang Pavilion in Kim, CO  to put on a Team Roping clinic.

     Gail Allen put the clinic together and got the Living Legend and the Brazilian Healing Sensation to spend a couple of days at the Mustang Pavilion. Jake and Junior shared their knowledge, skills and their winning attitudes which make them so great at what they do.

     Jake told the students: “I have never had a job. I have always made my living roping, but to do that you better be dedicated and you had better go out and do your job every time you nod your head. Practice good fundamentals, if you practice bad fundamentals you are going to get really good at doing bad things”. Jake also shared how he had modified and taken some of the basic team roping fundamentals to a higher level to give you a better advantage to win on a consistent basis.

     Jake and Junior spent considerable time with each individual student addressing every little thing about their roping that could make him or her better. Jake is truly talented in being able to quickly pickup on each student’s strengths and weakness and letting them know what they needed to focus on to be a better roper and a winner.  It was pretty obvious that both Jake and Junior loved what they do and they enjoyed sharing their knowledge and skills with their students as well.

     It was truly an awesome experience to just be around Jake and Junior and catch a little bit of their winning attitude, whether you were applying it the next time you entered a team roping or if you were just going home to take care of the ranch. Everyone that attended the clinic left the Mustang Pavilion pumped. Jake went on to state you should always strive to be a good person first and have a good relationship with the man upstairs, then everything else will fall in place.  

A big thanks to Gail and Millie Allen for putting the clinic together and to the crew at the Mustang Pavilion for helping make it happen. To see more pictures of the Jake Barnes clinic go to: www.mustangpavilion.com

“The Mustang Pavilion, Where Champions are Made”