About the Mustang Pavilion

Agriculture in general and ranching in particular has continued to require more and more land to support a family nation wide. This has resulted in fewer and fewer families left in our rural ranching communities. Most ranching communities like Kim have either disappeared or had to bring in other industries to maintain the businesses, schools, and infra structure to survive. In most cases the other industries so radically changed the community that the original ranching culture and heritage was lost. Kim is one of the few true ranching communities still left, but if something didn’t change we were not going to survive much longer. The challenge for us was how do we save our community without ruining everything we love about it in the process? The one thing that is very compatible with the ranching culture and heritage is rodeo as well as virtually all equine and livestock related activities. It is a well known fact that the sport of rodeo originated from the ranching industry. So the people that come to our community to participate in events at the Mustang Pavilion will be of the same basic culture and heritage we are striving to protect and preserve. The Mustang Pavilion is not only preserving our ranching culture and heritage but it is actually showcasing and enhancing it, while simultaneously bringing additional dollars to our community that can provide means for additional families to live in our community.