The Brent Lewis calf roping clinic
Brent is most well-known for his horsemanship and his ability to handle cattle. The first year Brent competed at the NFR, he only weighed 140 pounds soaking wet. He is a cowboy’s cowboy. He is all try and determination. Give him a challenge and he will find a way to not only accomplish it but beat everyone else at it. Being small in stature and still competing and succeeding at the highest level of our sport, his clinics are a natural draw for young kids needing to learn to handle calves correctly while still not yet physically mature. Brent has been a mentor for many young cowboys. Caleb Bullock attended the Brent Lewis Calf Roping Clinic at the Mustang Pavilion in May of 2013 and went on to win the NLBR Calf Roping World Championship Title a few weeks later.