The Second Annual Joe Beaver Calf Roping School

The second annual Joe Beaver calf roping school was held June 19 and 20th , 2012 in the Mustang Pavilion in Kim Colorado. The clinic was originally to be held in May but after Joe broke his ankle it was postponed till late June. Although Joe was on crutches and had to elevate his ankle on a regular basis the clinic was still a huge success.

Joe, who is truly an icon in the rodeo industry, stated that the school he puts on at Kim is one of his best schools for two reasons. One, the facility is truly one the very best that he is able to utilize for his schools.  Second, the kids are some of the best he gets to work with both in quality and quantity. He said he rarely gets this many good kids in one bunch to work with.

Joe went on to state that the facility is awesome and he made several comments on how great the ground was and how important that is to the well being of the livestock. Joe said he wasn’t sure why they haven’t already moved a lot of the junior rodeo venues and state finals to Kim because there certainly was not a nicer arena they could hold them in. Joe mentioned that when finals are held outside there is no way around it some kids are not going to get as fair of a go because someone will have to compete in wind, rain, mud, or scorching heat. He said if Kim had a Motel with a restaurant there would be no problem keeping the Mustang Pavilion booked as much as you want to have it booked. He concluded by saying that he would certainly look forward to staying in the Kim Motel next year instead of driving back to La Junta to get a room.

A big thanks to Kip and Karen Mc Millan for hosting the event and to Joanna Patterson for providing the concessions. Other events happening at the Mustang Pavilion in the near future include: Winford and Autry horsemanship seminar June 27th ,  the Little Britches Rodeo June 30th through July 1st and the CJRA Rodeo to be held July 6th and 7th.